The beauties of the surroundings to visit

Buonconsiglio Castle

In the historic centre of Trento and only 1.5 km from the B&B Aria d'Argento, a museum of art and history. After the end of the bishop's principality (1803) the castle was used as a barracks; restored, in 1924 it became the seat of the National Museum and since 1973 it has belonged to the Autonomous Province of Trento. It is currently the main centre of a museum system made up of five castles, among the most evocative and prestigious in the Trentino area: in addition to the castle of Trento, there are the castles of Stenico, in the Giudicarie Valleys, Castel Beseno, in the Adige Valley, between Trento and Rovereto, Castel Thun, in the Non Valley and Castel Caldes in the Sole Valley.

Orrido waterfall

Just a short walk away, about 10 min, you have the chance to visit one of the most original canyons dug by the water. Here in 1500 were built some of the oldest hydraulic works in the world, to ward off floods in the city. The two weirs give rise to spectacular waterfalls that make their way through the layers of red rock, creating spectacular plays of light.

The museum

Located in southern Trento, about 13 minutes by car, for lovers of natural sciences but especially for children, this museum designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano aims to interpret nature, starting from the mountain landscape, with the eyes, tools and questions of scientific research, taking up the challenges of the contemporary world, inviting scientific curiosity and the pleasure of knowledge to give value to science, innovation and sustainability

Farm Martis

To visit and taste, on the same hill of ours, about one km away, there is Maso Martis, in Martignano, at the foot of Monte Calisio (also called Argentario) above Trento, at an altitude of 450 m: a farm with a mountain soil that has been cultivated since the end of the 19th century, well exposed and caressed by the mountain breeze, where the DOC "bubbles" are produced. An excellent Trentino sparkling wine to take home. Click on the image to access the site and book your visit.